Cintec Anchor Systems

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Cintec anchors comprise a steel section surrounded by a mesh fabric sleeve into which a specially developed cementitious grout is injected under pressure. They provide a permanent solution, tailored to individual needs, for the repair and stabilisation of all forms of structure.


The flexible sleeve of woven polyester restrains the grout flow and expands to mould itself into the shape and spaces within the walls, providing a mechanical as well as chemical bond.


The large surface area of the anchor, in conjunction with pressurised grout, creates an anchor system that provides strengthening and tying whilst creating an invisible mend.


This product provides an effective solution for repairs to a variety of structures, damaged often as a result of subsidence, differential movement or general wear and tear.


Historic and modern buildings, monuments and bridges are amongst the structure which have benefited from Cintec installation and today the patented anchor system can be found in some of the world’s greatest structures.

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