Bridges/Tunnels: Repair & Strengthening

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There are over 60 000 masonry arch bridges and many brick lined tunnels throughout the UK, most of them are over 100 years old, and many in poor structural condition. Typically, problems include:


  • Spandrel separation
  • Ring separation
  • Parapet movement/strengthening
  • Barrel cracking
  • Barrel spreading
  • Delaminating masonry


Our expertise and experience, coupled with a wide range of repair and stabilisation techniques, means that almost all serious problems with masonry bridges and tunnels can be addressed, from simple crack repair through to upgrading structural strength.


Helifix and Cintec repair systems can restore integrity and redistribute structural loads using materials and components which act in sympathy with the host structure, allowing the structure to maintain flexibility without creating additional stresses.


Listed or historic structures are no problem, either – we have the ability to mix modern repair techniques with traditional skills such as brick or stone repair or replacement and lime mortar pointing.


If required, we can undertake bridge assessment and site investigations and provide full reporting and design facilities.

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