Three Superior Basement Extension Ideas for Summer 2018

Three Superior Basement Extension Ideas for Summer 2018

In recent years, property prices have gone through the roof, putting the option of moving home beyond the reach of many families, even if they desperately need the space. A far cheaper solution is to extend your existing home, and basement extension has really started catching on recently. Here are three great basement extension ideas to think about in 2018.

Basement Extension Ideas

1. Games Room

Whether it’s the children wanting space to play or the adults wanting their pool or table tennis, fitting it all into a typical family home can be a problem. Equipment needs to be laboriously brought out and set up each time and put away in storage afterwards.

Putting in a basement extension for your games room gives you all the space you need. Your favourite games can be set up permanently for use whenever you want. Or, if it’s primarily for the children, they can have everything from a basketball hoop to climbing ropes installed — though you might want to think about soft flooring.

A games room doesn’t require natural light, though the artificial lighting would have to be efficient. You would need to incorporate good ventilation into the basement extension, though.

2. Self-Contained Flat

Sometimes, their own bedroom isn’t quite enough. Whether you want somewhere for an older teen to feel independent, a granny flat or a guest suite, a basement conversion can be just the answer.

Depending on the amount of space available for your basement, this could be a complete flat or a bedsit. Even in a bedsit, though, careful planning can leave enough room for a small kitchen space, a walk-in shower, a bed and an area to sit and chill.

Unlike a games room, this will require natural light and ventilation to be attractive. That can be achieved by incorporating a light well, also doubling as a means of outside access.

3. Kitchen

A kitchen may not seem the most obvious use for a basement conversion, but it can offer space for the kitchen you’ve always wanted. At the same time, the cramped room you’ve been coping with can be converted into valuable living space.

Like the self-contained flat, a kitchen would need a light well and, even more importantly, excellent ventilation. Outside access to the garden would also be ideal, especially if you grow your own vegetables or herbs.

These are just three of many options for a superior basement conversion to think about for summer 2018. Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more about these or other opportunities.