Most Popular Basement Design Ideas for 2022

Basement construction | An image of a white garage.

Most Popular Basement Design Ideas for 2022

Most 20th century homes built in the UK were designed without a basement, but adding one is steadily becoming more popular. So, whether you have an older home that already had a basement, or whether you’re in the process of having one constructed, you have a decision — what to do with it? Here are a few of the most popular basement design ideas for 2022.

1. Home Office

OK, this is hardly a new idea, but there are good reasons why the always popular solution of using your basement for an office is even more popular now. A large proportion of us was working from home during the lockdown, and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down even now.

Having your home office in the basement is the perfect compromise between convenience and avoiding being disturbed. If you put soundproofing in, you can work serenely while the noises of your household carry on above you.

2. Home Gym

This is another old favourite that’s been given new impetus by the pandemic. While the gyms were closed, many of us got our own home equipment and found we could exercise just as well in the comfort of our living rooms.

The major downside, of course, is that the equipment could clutter the place up. If you set it up in the basement, it will not only be out of the way when not in use, but you can have the place arranged in the most efficient way to create your very own gym.

3. Music Studio

If the basement office can get you away from the noise, then a music room can allow you to play or listen to your favourite music without disturbing anyone else. A soundproofed basement can allow you to have your instruments and equipment set up ready to play or record.

Or, if your mood is more for listening, then you can have your system on in peace. And don’t forget to leave some open floor, in case you feel like dancing along to your favourite artist.

4. Play Room for the Kids

When you’re a kid, there’s nothing like having your own space to play in — a space that will easily turn into anything your imagination can conjure up — without constantly being told you’re in the way.

The basement could be the perfect place for your kids’ playroom. In a safe environment that’s still just their own, they can play with their toys, make up stories to act out or just run around.

These are just a few possible uses for your basement. It could also be anything from a teenager’s flat to a home cinema — or even a swimming pool. Give us a call to hear about more design ideas for your basement.