Most Popular Basement Design Ideas for 2019

Most Popular Basement Design Ideas for 2019

If your home has a basement, or if you’re thinking of adding a basement, you already have an advantage over most properties. What are you going to do with space, though?  Traditionally, basements have tended to be relegated to marginal uses such as storage or utility rooms, but that doesn’t have to be the limit of your imagination. Here are a few currently popular basement design ideas ideas for your home

Basement Design Ideas

Home Office

There’s a revolution in working methods, with more and more people working from home, and the basement is a perfect location. Cut off from the living areas, but still only a staircase away from home comforts, it can be effectively soundproofed and fitted out with office furniture — or even a comfy chair to curl up with your laptop.

Guest Suite

If you regularly have guests coming to visit, your basement could make an ideal guest suite, especially if it features a light well to bring in the daylight. Besides a bedroom, the suite can include a bathroom, and more if there’s room, such as a lounge and a kitchenette.

Home Gym

Do you love to keep fit? But do you have the choice between constantly heading to the gym and trying to exercise in the middle of everything going on at home? Your basement could be a dedicated gym, with the equipment kept out of the way and space where nothing matters but reaching your targets.

Games Room

Even if you’re not dedicated enough for a home gym to be worthwhile, your basement offers the perfect space for games such as pool, table-tennis or air-hockey. Whether you want to play with family or friends, a games room in your basement means you can dive straight into it without having to set up the tables.

Home Cinema

Watching TV casually in the living room is fine, but for a more immersive experience for watching films, how about a dedicated home cinema space in your basement? Depending on how far you want to go, you could set the room up with rows of seating — and even have popcorn on tap.

Extra Lounge

Your basement doesn’t have to be for unique use. If there are competing claims on the main reception rooms upstairs, you could simply set it up as an extra lounge for members of the family who want a little quiet.

These are just a few of the many popular basement designs. You’re very welcome to get in touch with us for more ideas.