How Long Do Piling Foundations Last?

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How Long Do Piling Foundations Last?


Piling can be a valuable technique for your home to solve many different issues. Whether the piles are used in the original build, for an extension to your home, or to underpin the foundations in the case of subsidence, they can make the house you live in far more stable.

Once you’ve had the piling installed, however, is that it? Or are you going to have to have the piles replaced at some stage? How long do piling foundations last?


What Is Piling Used For?


Piling has been around for a long time, but it was traditionally used for major structures. It’s only with the introduction of mini piling in recent decades that it’s gradually taken over from the traditional, more cumbersome types of foundations and underpinning.

Piling is normally used if the soil is unusable to a depth of more than two metres, if there’s a high water table, or if the soil is of a type (e.g. clay) that shrinks or swells significantly according to water content. It can also be used as a more cost-effective way of replacing existing foundations


Factors in How Long Piling Lasts


One of the key factors in deciding how long piling lasts is the materials used. Piles are generally made of either concrete or steel. Both are initially good materials, but of course steel rusts and will decay more quickly, meaning that steel piles have to be replaced sooner.

The quality of the ground is crucial, too. While piling will extend the life of foundations in weak or saturated subsoil, the worse this is the sooner the piles could start to decay. Regular maintenance will extend the life expectancy of the piles, while needless to say the quality of the installation could make a big difference.


How Long Will the Piling Last?


It’s clear that various factors can affect how long piling foundations will last, but in the best-case scenario they could be expected to last at least 75 years, and possibly longer. This applies if you use concrete piles, and if they were installed by experts and maintained.

Any reputable piling specialist will be willing to guarantee their work for up to ten years. Clearly, this is against initial faults — if something happens to radically change the conditions, for instance, no guarantee can cover that. Nevertheless, piling of high-quality concrete, installed and maintained by specialists, is likely to outlive you by a considerable time.

To make your home’s foundations secure for the foreseeable future, give U&M a call for expert piling that’s guaranteed for ten years.