Construction contracting services in Surrey

If you’re looking for expert construction project services to repair or improve your property in Surrey, U&M provide what you want throughout the county.


Although the historic county of Surrey has been partially absorbed into London, there’s still plenty left to show what makes it a special place. From market towns and villages to the beauty of the North Downs, it’s long been the home of choice for more affluent commuters into London. Surrey’s high-quality housing is lovingly maintained and improved by owners, and new developments are regularly adding to it.


Whether you need to strengthen your home, renovate it or find ways of extending your living space, U&M can provide a wide range of specialist construction projects and services.


Construction project and services we offer across Surrey include:


UNDERPINNING — We can strengthen your foundations if your home has suffered from subsidence, using many techniques of underpinning, old and new.
PILING — Piling is nowadays the favourite technique for reinforcing your foundations, especially when there isn’t much space to work.


STRUCTURAL REPAIRS — If the masonry or timbers of your property’s structure are damaged, we offer specialist repairs.


REPAIR & REFURBISHMENT — Whether you need us to repair damage to your property or refurbish it, we provide an expert service.


BASEMENT CONSTRUCTIONS — If you don’t have enough living space in your property, we can create a new basement or convert a cellar.


We’ve delighted customers all over Surrey, some of whom have left comments like “I probably will not have the need for work like this again but I am certain that if the situation ever arose I wouldn’t hesitate in contacting Underpin and Makegood in the future or indeed recommending them. 1st CLASS JOB AND THANK YOU !!!!”


If you want to enjoy the same expertise and service, why not give us a ring on 020 8805 4000 and see how we can help you?