Piled Raft Foundations

Type of work: Piled Raft Foundations

Location: Herne Bay, Kent

Duration: 6 weeks

A developer in North Kent required 3 no piled raft foundations to be formed, to act as foundation / structural floor slab for his 3 storey timber frame structures.

Our engineers designed 57 no 300mm dia open bored piles to an average depth of 10m with the upper 3m designed for heave using full tension reinforcement rather than a combination of reinforcement and slip sleeves.


The piles were linked by a 250mm thick rc raft cast over 220mm Cellcore.


The perimeter of the raft required a recess to be formed in the top edge to ensure that the external edge of the raft was not visible above ground level externally.


The overall project took 6 weeks to complete

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